What’s Airlaid ?

Airlaid paper is a textile-like material made of cellulose.

What's La Plume ?

La Plume Airlaid is an economical and comfortable product that offers the elegance of
fabric and practicality of disposable at the same time.


The cellulose fibers are “dry laid” with a technique that uses air and an EVA binder. With this
advanced technique you get a material that is very similar to a textile.

Colour options

White, Ivory, Sand, Yellow, Orange
*** GOLD & SILVER are optional
colours and made to order.

About Airlaid

Airlaid is more dense, perforated and soft compared to normal paper which is made by putting it in water. It can absorb liquid at high altitude and is stronger than normal paper.


It is soft, it does not itch, it does not draw the skin.

No threading or dusting. Static electricity is absent.

It is strong. It can be rinsed and reused even when it gets wet

Clean and hygienic. It can be sterilized.

Has a textile-like texture. It is cast.

Can be painted, printed, embossed, coated.