Airlaid Natural Textile
Airlaid Vicell
Airlaid Plano

Airlaid Natural Textile is a material made of soft and consistent cellulose.

The cellulose fibers are “dry laid” with a technique that uses air and an EVA binder. With this
advanced technique you get a material that is very similar to a textile.

An excellent disposable that dress your tables with style and practicality.


It is also a material that can absorb a large amount of liquid. With this feature, it is ideal to use as
a towel. More than 20 color options are available.

Ideal for use as a towel.

Airlaid Vicell is soft, strong, elastic and high absorbent.


Available in white.

It is strong,.

Airlaid Plano is a high quality non woven which is very similar to textile.

Elastic and very soft.

Available in white.